Getting things done

2 min readJul 3, 2021

Do you remember what you ate last Monday? I don’t.

Some people have incredible brains and remember every single task that you need to accomplish: not me.

I recently discovered that I’m a task-oriented individual; if I make a list, I most likely won’t fail completing all of them and I love the feeling when all the checkboxes are checked.

Knowing what motivates you is crucial when it comes to learning something new or working on an important project.

Here’s a To-do list I created for today/this weekend. It’s rough, but it’s just me who reads it, so why does it matter?

(I use Joplin for note taking, if anyone is interested. I find it quite easy to format scripts and you can also create a notebook for each purpose. Here’s the link for Joplin)

After I worked on the bash scripting module on OSCP this morning, I identified that I wasn’t too comfortable using the “grep” and “awk” commands, so I included that in the review list.

Catching up on security news should already have been one of my priorities to learn trends in the industry, but I have failed to read up on them; I reinforced that into one of the daily tasks to create a habit.

I’m not an organized person; my husband knows this very well.

However, I realized that I could force myself to be organized with the task-based strategy. This method has helped me to be proactive and not procrastinate on things that matter to me, and ultimately achieve short term/goals.

I’m doing these things to achieve my short term goal, which is to pass the OSCP.

Why? To achieve the long-term goal: To be a security professional with knowledge and practical skills.

Having enough breaks & good old Japanese snacks help me keep going.